Emma Horopyan

Executive Board Member

I am Emma Horopyan. I was born and currently live in Yerevan, the pinkest city in the world. I like to travel, to see everything with my own eyes, to touch monuments with a history of millennia. I am a friendly, cheerful and very curious person. I think my professional choice is connected to my curiosity. When I turn on the camera and the microphone, everyone answers the questions that interest me. And I am interested in culture with all its manifestations: classical music, cinema, theatre. Especially, the theatre. I think many people already associate me with the TV program "Behind the Scenes". I work for a public television company as a cultural journalist. I combine the pleasant with the useful. At the same time, I think life is going very fast. The best way to keep up with the flow is to constantly learn and improve something. I started that path at the age of 2.5 when I first appeared in "Erudit" educational complex, then the school, the university, many masterclasses and, of course, the Armenian PR school. 

I am sure that the best, free and pleasant way of self-education is reading. The more books you read, the more interesting, competitive and knowledgeable you are in any field.