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The graduates of PR School met Minister of Emergency Situations of RA Davit Tonoyan

On February 6 Minister of Emergency Situations of RA Davit Tonoyan received the graduates of Public Relations School of Armenian PR association.

Minister Tonoyan at the beginning of the meeting briefly explained the structure of the Ministry, its main directions and challenges, emphasized the importance of Public Relations, publicity and transparency of the daily work, as well as the importance of close cooperation with the key actors in the field of communication and reduction of disaster risk. The Minister of Emergency Situations also presented the legislative reforms to be made in the civil defence spheres in emergency situations, the large-scale public informational project, implementing with Japan International Cooperation Agency, peculiarities and risks of informational strategy in crisis and war situations.

‘’We can proudly mention that the only PR school, based on the methodology of non-formal education, farewelled to its 6th graduate generation. Armenian PR association, permanently observing Public Relation sphere in Armenia, tries to offer actual methods for the development of PR culture’’,-mentioned the president of Armenian PR association, an associate professor at YSU Faculty of Journalism, PhD Astghik Avetisyan.

According to her, the proof of success and quality of PR school is the growing public interest in school. ”For each application period, we receive more than 100 applications. Every time we choose 15-20 people with different work experience and background. We can assuredly say that today PR school is one of the best centres in the region which trains PR professionals and educates a new generation of PR specialists, at the same time it is a unique platform for professional discussions".

At the end of the meeting, Minister Tonoyan conferred bilingual diplomas to the graduates of PR school, expressing hope that they will use their knowledge in the responsible task of building prosperous and democratic Armenia. Young PR professionals, who were invited to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA, also had a chance to see the work and technical armament of National Center for Crisis Management and ‘’911’’ service.

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