Narine Atanyan

Executive Board Member

I am narine atanyan, in small letters, because ...

Biographical data, I think, can say just a bit about me․ I can be introduced by the books I have read, by the previous, present and future friends, by the music, that immediately changes my mood, by the movies that I recommend the others and keep talking about them, by my daughter, of course not always from the good side ․․․

I am multi-layered person, like you or someone else, and this journey of life is a path of adventures, challenges, dreams, upheavals for me, and depending on the situation I know myself anew...  I am often irreconcilable with myself, but also I encourage myself when I do a good job. I have just recently learned to accept kind words about me, and I am currently taking my first steps in the subtle art of saying NO ․․․

I drink coffee with my friends, a cup of tea to warm myself up... I am a Gemini and sometimes it is hard to choose something. I justify everything, I justify everyone.

I like to cook deliciously, to run conversation in my head, so that I can speak aloud without noticing it ․․․

I love all my professions, I love my job and I am grateful to the people who have been, are or will be with me. I learn from each of them ․․․ I hurry to live because I think the life is short, at least on this planet, in this body, in this soul ․․․