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Lusine Mkhitaryan

Executive Board Member
Pots and Pans

Hello, my name is Lusine Mkhitaryan. I give importance to every single word, for me each word has value, weight, shape and history. In essence, I am a perfectionist, however the unattainable borderline of self-improvement does not discourage me, on the contrary, it arouses an inexhaustible desire to learn and discover something new.

In my deep conviction a person starts being educated from the very first day of birth and that process should never be interrupted. Life is very interesting and multi-faceted to develop only in one direction. Yet, for me, regardless of the chosen path, one of my most important achievements is the efficient interpersonal and public communication, which lies behind the success of any undertaking.

In a world of rapidly changing and evolving technologies, the format of non-formal education is gaining a huge importance. It was an important endeavour for me to study at the PR School of the Armenian PR Association, becoming a 10th cohort graduate and I am mainly interested in political and business PR.

The official part of my biography starts from the capital city. I was born in Yerevan, studied at the secondary school No. 172 after Hakob Oshakan. I graduated from the school majoring in Physics and Mathematics, but my further professional path went in the humanities direction.

One of my childhood dreams was to become an artist, dancer and learn 10 foreign languages like Schliemann. I attended the Republican Center for Aesthetic Education of the Armenian SSR (today it is called the National Center of Aesthetics after Henrik Igityan) and completed the full course of painting. I attended a dance troupe and I still continue dancing.

I graduated with honors from the Faculty of International Relations of "David Anhaght" Humanitarian University, obtaining the qualification of an international expert in Spain and Latin America. I worked for four years in the National Archives of Armenia initially as a first-class, leading, and then a chief archivist. From 2005 to 2007 I studied at the RA Academy of Public Administration, receiving a master's degree in Political Science. I started my work in journalism in 2008 ․ I was a correspondent for "Armenpress" news agency for a year, and since 2009 until today I have been working in "Hayastani Hanrapetutyun" daily newspaper. I have received trainings in psychology, international relations and public relations.

I am married and have two wonderful sons.

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