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Liza Gasparyan

Executive Board Member

Hello :) My name is Lisa; I live in Gyumri and with the spirit of Gyumri city ... I am a journalist, I write mostly about beautiful, cultural, undisclosed, colorful Gyumri. I am a PR specialist at the well-known transport company “Trans Instant" transport company. I work with thousands of people and I try to help, guide, and accompany them to Gyumri city, "the center of the world". I am a marketing director in "MarMar" travel company and at the same time a tour guide. After my tours, the guests not only fall in love with my historical city but also look for an apartment in the Gyumri real estate market. Do not want to boast on this, but I have concrete facts :)

I am also in charge of Public Relations at the UNHCR Shirak Tourism Development & Research Center.

I have been working in the political communication field for 7 years, I worked in the National Assembly, but the business environment is closer to me.

I am an amateur dancer :) I am not a chef, but definitely can work as an assistant to a chef in French cooking (I have finished my lessons recently). I do not know how to ride a bicycle, but I like traveling and camping. Just one more fact: I like working with people, communicating, building relationships. Let me know when you come to our city :)

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