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World of Communities: Game Evenings

At the 2nd half of 2019, the Table game “World of Communities” appeared at the Poltava Regional Youth Center. This was made possible through collaboration with NGO “Vzayemopomich” in a long-term Capacity building project in the field of youth "4Ps for YOU: Public, Popular, Progressive and Productive" funded by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

“World of Communities” is the second edition of the Ukrainian desktop coop strategy for managers and managers of changes in the social simulator genre. Game mechanics are as close to real-life as possible and you can only win by cooperating and interacting. It allows you to automate and scale education in civic education - to form current value propositions, behavioural models, 21st century skills. Skillful and systematic use of game-training for development-seeking small cities breaks stereotypes about community management, identifies and attracts internal investment for their own development.

Players age: 12+.

The average number of players is 4-6.

The average duration of one game: 3-4 hours.

Between the end of November- December 2019, 4 games (for 20 participants) were held.

Participants included teenagers, unemployed youth, students, youth workers. At no time did the game take place under the same conditions, dynamics and developments in the community. Most valuable in this game is the youth's awareness of how complex the budget process is, how community infrastructure is developing, why taxes are worth paying. Bank loans are also a real case. Some of the credits were developing their own businesses and making a profit, and some players got into debt bondage. Planning your own budget is another practical skill for young people.

Without doubts, we reached the aim of the campaign, according to the feedback participants who played the game feels much more involved in the civic development process, they stated that they raised their awareness of the local government system among citizens, realized better how the city can develop and what the role of citizens in this.

Further ways to use the World of Communities game for young people to play:

- The calendar of events of the Poltava Regional Youth Center twice a month announces a game where you can sign up;

- Organize games on request. To do this, participants must assemble a team, write in private messages to the center to book the date and time.

- You can take the game for short-term use. This requires a letter from a representative of the organization or community (library, cultural center, youth center, school, youth council, community organization, etc.) and express training on moderation rules;

- thanks to cooperation with the administrations of universities 1-4 p. and Poltava student self-government plans to hold games on the territory of detention facilities according to a pre-established schedule.

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