Armenian PR Association is the leading Public Relations and Communications organization in Armenia, founded in 2006. Armenian PR Association has 3 Departments:

Scientific-research Department- the mission of the Department is to discuss the information about public relations and communications on the scientific level, to implement researches, and publish scholarly articles on the trends, achievements, and challenges of PR and Communications in Armenia. To acknowledge the achievements in the sphere of public relations, to develop and publicize the importance of communications in Armenia, and to facilitate the active role of PR specialists in political and social processes, as well as in public life, the Armenian PR Association established Armenian PR Awards in 2016. The results of the PR Awards are based on diligent research. The Armenian PR Association research group conducts surveys among target groups (PR specialists, media representatives, politicians, etc.) and consistently monitors the activities of government agencies, as well as the work of the state, political, and public officials.


Educational Department – the Department aims to prepare public relations specialists, who will be able to perform its functions accurately and competently. Public Relations is strategic communications, the art, and science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organizational leaders, and implementing programs of action which will serve both the organizations and the public interest. Private companies and state institutions must have good specialists in Public Relations and Communications, as a one but important aspect of the democratic system. Armenian PR Association founded PR School in 2015, intending to develop the skills and to improve the knowledge of Public Relations among the PR specialists and those who are interested in Public Relations, using non-formal education methodology. The objectives of the school are:

·         Equipping both the young specialists and beginners with the knowledge about Public Relations, allowing them to develop their skills in practice and know the ins and outs of PR;

·         Introduction with the well-known and experienced specialists in the field of Public Relations with the aim of future cooperation;

·         Retraining of Press secretaries and Public relations specialists;

·         Implementation of scientific and applied research.


“Practice” Public Relations Agency the Agency offers services that generate proven results for our clients. The leading specialists are glad to develop PR strategies, to provide PR consulting, to build good relations with media, to organize special events, to create and develop a corporate brand, to implement online communication, to help when there is a crisis.


Armenian PR Associations cooperates with its partners from 17 countries, including EU member states, Russia, and the USA, to make the World of Armenian Public Relations better.

PR Association TEAM

Astghik Avetisyan

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President of Armenian PR Association, 

Associate Professor, Faculty of Journalism of YSU, PhD

Arman Grigoryan

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Vice-President of Armenian PR Association, Head of International Affairs

Executive Board

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    Narine Atanyan

    I am narine atanyan, in small letters, because ...
    Biographical data, I think, can say just a bit about me ․ I can be introduced by the books I have read, by the previous, present and future friends, by the music, that immediately changes my mood...

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    Anush Nikoghosyan

    Hi. I’m Anoush Nikoghosyan. I am a journalist. I think today the media and social connections are not so strong, there are many problems ...

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    Lusine Mkhitaryan

    Hello, my name is Lusine Mkhitaryan. I give importance to every single word, for me each word has value, weight, shape and history.

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    Emma Horopyan

    I am Emma Horopyan. I was born and currently live in Yerevan, the pinkest city in the world. I like to travel, to see everything with my own eyes, to touch monuments with a history of millennia.

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    Mariam Khachatryan

    Hello, I am Mariam Khachatryan. A beautiful, smart, graceful and tall girl. I have 2 specialisations: a theatre director and PR specialist.

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    Liza Gasparyan

    Hello :) My name is Lisa; I live in Gyumri and with the spirit of Gyumri city ...

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    Margarit Hovhannisyan

    Hello! My name is Margarit Hovhannisyan. My alma mater is Yerevan State University, and I'm a proud alumna of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, Department of English for Cross-Cultural Communication.

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    Anush Harutyunyan

    My name is Anush Harutyunyan, and I am a journalist and international relations specialist. I started my career as a journalist and continued my career path in Public relations.

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