“Armenian PR association” scientific-informational NGO was founded on 27th of March in 2006. The aim of organization is to prepare public relations specialists, who will be able to perform their functions accurately and competently.

The mission of “Armenian PR association” scientific-informational NGO is to discuss the information about public relations on the scientific level,  organize study programmes, PR campaigns,  develop PR strategy, make consultations and by organizing trainings, seminars, conferences to discuss the issues and vision of Public Relations. The motto of the organization is “Learning by teaching”.

Since 2006 “Armenian PR association” scientific-informational NGO has organized different projects and campaigns: “Day of Book at YSU”, “Summer Serenade” Youth Festival dedicated to the International Youth Day, “We Learn PR Tools”, “Literature as an Event”(YSU, Faculty of Journalism),

“The Days of Armenian Marzes in Yerevan”, “Armenia without Garbage”, “May Victories”, “Happy Children are the Guarantee of Healthy and Tolerant Society” art therapy, “We and The Internet”, “The Problems in Diaspora to the Eyes of Public Relations Specialists”, “Journalism as a PR Tool”, “Political PR Technologies”, “Media Relations”, “Communicative Skills of Political Leader”, “Creation of Leader’s Image”, “Branding”, “Advertising”, “The Peculiarities of Ethereal Advertising”, “Social Media and PR”, “The Media Coverage on Gender Equality Issues”, “PR news”, “PR cocktail”, “PR politic” Training Programmes. 
Within the frames of EU “Youth in Action” programme “Armenian PR association” scientific-informational NGO has implemented “VIRTrUral crossroad”, “Be a creative entrePReneur”, “PR cocktail for Youth worker” international projects. e-newspaper was founded by the members of the organization as an official website, which covers not only the activities of the organization, but also Armenian and international news, keeping freedom and pluralism. The motto of is “Armenia in news headlines”.  
“Public Relations” and “Public Relations in the system of mass communication” lecture books were published in 2008 and 2014, which are available source of theoretical information for the public relations specialists as beginners. The author of the book is the President of “Armenian PR Association” scientific-informational NGO, Associate professor of YSU Faculty of Journalism and Mass Media, PhD Astghik Avetisyan.
“Armenian PR association” scientific-informational NGO is open to optimistic and motivated individuals with creative way of thinking, who are interested in journalism and PR activities.

PR-once You have it, You love it! 

PR Association TEAM

Nane Manasyan

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Secretary-General of Armenian PR Association

Astghik Avetisyan

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President of Armenian PR Association, 

Associate Professor, Faculty of Journalism of YSU, PhD

Arman Grigoryan

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Vice-President of Armenian PR Association